In August of 1975 Patricia Botham was murdered, along with a neighboring young woman, Linda Miracle, and her two young sons, Chad and Troy.  My father, Ken Botham Jr. was later arrested and convicted for committing these crimes.

My name is Thayer Botham.  I was only five when my mother died and now I am attempting to expose the truth as I know it.  In an effort to establish the rightful, true, and honest history that encompasses our family's, and the other victims' family's lives, I hold no illusions as to whom might be guilty.  Whoever really committed these heinous crimes obviously should be held legally accountable, even if that turns out to be my father, Ken Botham.

It is my wish to communicate, assimilate, document, and share any issue related to this case with anyone.  I completely welcome and wholly seek your opinion or evidence you wish to share - for or against the guilt of my father.  Feel free to submit comments anonymously.

Twenty-nine years later, can you help solve this crime?




There is also a book that has been written about this case.  It is Colorado Cold Case, The Botham/Miracle Murders, written by Marti Talbott, published by Publish America.




To get acquainted, read the overview first.  It is an article written by a concerned citizen who lived in Grand Junction during the time the murders occurred.  It is a simple article explaining the case, a little of the surrounding events, and may leave you wondering what really happened.

Then, look over the evidence.  Here you will note the major items and facts that may leave with you many more questions instead of answers.  Which path contains the truth?  Let the evidence speak for itself, but beware, all is not as it first appears.  Also, meet some of the people who were involved in this case of a man many believe has been unjustly convicted.

By now you probably have many questions.  Please see the Questions & Answers page where I have shared the questions that I have received while discussing this case.  I will try to post all the questions that I receive.  If you have any questions, please send them to me at

Thayer Botham                        

What kind of person is Ken Botham?  See the history of his incarceration.

What motivated me to do this website?

The purpose of this site is to help establish justice by the free and open discussion and display of all pertinent and truthful matters related to the murders of Patricia Botham, Linda Miracle, and her sons, Troy, and Chad; for which Ken Botham has been convicted, sentenced, and to this day, remains incarcerated.


This site is dedicated to the victims' families and the history behind the lives of all those involved.


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Anything written herein, is solely the opinion of the producer of this website, although the  items proclaimed to be true are in fact easily documentable and verifiably true by actual physical material possessed by the the author.  Any case of this size and complexity, with so many conflicting articles/stories, makes accuracy a challenge at best.  If you know or see something amiss, please contact us immediately, and the item will be scrutinized and validated and dealt with accordingly.