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Jan 1

T-bone steak and a real orange (next steak August 4th)  Lt. D. waxed hall floor.  Tour coming?

Jan 2

Rickets tour, Mathews, Wilson - 2350 hours.

Jan 3

Buds on tomato plant.

Jan 6

Sheets & pillow case.  Tomato plant died.

Jan 12

Heat pipe broke, entire tier flooded.

Jan 13

Sheets & pillow case.

Jan 17

New light bulb.

Jan 20

Sheets & pillow case.

Jan 22

New razor.

Jan 24

Lt. S. took broom handle (new) and left an old broken one about 3' long, new one went to the cage. (officers quarters).

Jan 25

Plumbers fixed heat pipe leak, but the other heat unit leaking, they turned it off.

Jan 26

Super cold, coat during the day, full clothes at night.  Can’t get another blanket I supposed to have.  “They’re out”.

Jan 27

Cold.  54 degrees.  Sheets & pillow case.

Jan 28

Cold! 54 degrees.

Jan 29

Heat fans quit in the cage and they had it fixed in less than 2 hrs.  Kind of depends on who you are.

Jan 30

Lt. S. says they are waiting on parts for the heat units.  Want to bet there is no more heat this year.  See Feb 13, April 5, May 10, Nov 13.


Feb 1

No headphones, 3 months today.  Note from D. saying nothing will be allowed to come to me pertaining alcohol engine fuel.  Will have it sent anyway as I don’t think he would recognize it if it were in front of him.  Should not have even asked him about it.  Asked Lt. D. to again log TV-headphones not working.

Feb 3

Sheets & pillow case.

Feb 4

Lockdown - Riot at a prison in New Mexico.

Feb 5

Still in lockdown - Riot at a prison in New Mexico.  Block A-2-L, broke more windows.

Feb 6

Still in lockdown.

Feb 7

A-2-L broke more windows, Lt. D. let me use a screwdriver to rig curtains so that glass would not shatter all over cell.

Feb 10

Sheets & pillow case.

Feb 12

Sanchez shot twice in yard.

Feb 13

Lt. S. says electric shop is coming to fix TV, also says parts are coming for heat unit.  See note Jan 30, May 10.

Feb 14

Mail room says only personal letters will be mailed from now on. (law suit retribution) Mail room returned 6 letters and said I couldn’t mail them.

Feb 15

2 more letters returned from mail room.

Feb 16

53 degrees on the thermostat.

Feb 17

64 degrees, sheets & pillow case.

Feb 19

Painters began painting, D-row, deadlock.

Feb 20

New library program outlined, availability catalog left.

Feb 21

A-2-R broke more windows, this time in cell 3.  Deadlock-painter on block.

Feb 22

Deadlock-painter on block.

Feb 23

1.5 oz toothpaste & 2 razors from swing shift.

Feb 24

Guard took mop & brought back an old nasty one.  Lt. S. says they are going to fix TV tomorrow.  Sheets & pillow case, sheets won’t cover the mattress.

Feb 25

Still no heat and the other heating unit they are supposed to be waiting for parts on, continues to leak all over the floor.  Deadlock - scraped and wire brushed cell for paint.  Pinto stabbed and killed.

Feb 26

No TV for 3 months today.  Deadlock - paint crew.

Feb 27

Deadlock - paint crew.  Fixed heater unit - fixed leak, but still no heat since Jan 25th.

Feb 28

Deadlock - paint crew.  Substituted an order at the canteen, they got it all wrong, refused to accept it.  Sgt O. said he would clear it up.

Feb 29

Deadlock - paint crew.  A-1-R broke windows in cell 2.  Paint crew super wrote them up.  No one knows anything.  Mail room contrabanded negatives from pastor Sieverts.  Nothing from canteen.

Mar 1

Lt. D. brought up a package of paper and the canteen slip and wanted me to take the paper and sign off the whole order.  The paper was exactly what I put on the order not to send.  Would not return canteen slip.  No headphones - 4 months today.

Mar 2

Moved to DR-2 so paint crew could get in #1.  Lt. S. said canteen slip would be returned, that it was on the bulletin board downstairs.  Sheets & pillowcase.

Mar 3

Deadlock DR-2 - paint crew.  Lt. S. said definitely no negatives, but didn’t know why.  Captain’s orders.  He doesn’t know why either.  S. says he will get them returned to sender.  Maintenance gave me 3 lbs of coffee to save for them so officers would not get it.

Mar 4

Deadlock - paint crew. M. said canteen is going to issue a refund.  Lt. S says electrics will fix TV & headphones this a.m.

Mar 5

Deadlock - paint crew.  Told I could move back into my own cell anytime.

Mar 6  

New light bulb DR-1, moved back into #1 cell.  Notice from Fremont Clerk - Case transferred to County and I can have a lawyer if I want one.  No paint crew.  Had a shower.  No deadlock.

Mar 7  

Deadlock - paint crew.  New cell light bulb.  7 stamps from canteen, but no credit yet for last week.

Mar 8  

Lt. D. says Lt. S says I’ll get the canteen refund.

Mar 9  

Sheets & pillow case.

Mar 10  

Deadlock - paint crew.  Tour group.  Lt. S. says will get refund on F-28 canteen form, but that I cannot have the canteen slip back.

Mar 11  

Deadlock - paint crew.

Mar 12  

Deadlock - paint crew.  Tomato seed planted.  Wilson tour.  Corbett stabbed Monroe Johnson.  Paint crew didn’t show up, but they were coming “any minute”.

Mar 13  

Deadlock - paint crew.

Mar 14  

Clerk about 19th deadline, lawyer & subpoenas (Fremont County).  Deadlock - paint crew.  Tour.

Mar 15  

Lt. S. says refund on canteen is coming.  Stripped paint off shower tiles. 3, 1 oz. bottles of suntan lotion.

Mar 16  

Sheets & pillow case.

Mar 17  

Deadlock - paint crew.  S. tour - canteen.  Hernandez came with credit slip for canteen $3.53.  Said should be on books in a “month or so”.

Mar 18  

Deadlock - paint crew.  Whiteshirt raped in yard, tower guard & cell house guards just stood and watched.

Mar 19  

Deadlock - paint crew.  Fremont Court - Denied Attorney for S.C. suit.

Mar 20  

Off Deadlock, painters in dog cages - but no hot water.

Mar 21  

Letter to Fremont Judge about Wilson’s dismiss brief.  TV again disconnected on roof - just fixed on Mar 4th, after been inoperative since Feb 26, 79.  Tour again.

Mar 22  

T. said TV would be fixed Monday but I know this is his day off and this the only reason he said it.  It’s the old “be quiet now and Monday, I don’t care what you do” answer. TV had to be disconnected so Daryl H. could connect to my antenna.  Daryl got a court order that he could not be put in that cell, but said he would volunteer to go if he had TV, so mine was disconnected.  When that cell was remodeled for him, they also knocked out headphones and that was Nov 1, 79, not worked since.  Wright told me Daryl would “make trouble” if he had no TV.  Lt. D. said they could not fix the headphones because he did not have the authority to make out that kind of work order - then said cell house-3 had no work orders anyway.  Graveyard shift left TV on all night, static.  Ignored calls.

Mar 23  

Something had to be done about all these mice.  Last night I stayed up till midnight - caught 19 and threw em out the window - except 3 tiny ones.  Sheets and pillow.

Mar 24  

Got charged 66 cents for an envelope to pastor Sieverts.  Catalog came that L. said would not be allowed.  See note Feb 1.

Mar 26  

Deadlock - paint crew.  Lt. D. said he talked with Mitchel, head of electric shop and Mitchel told him TV would be fixed “tomorrow”.

Mar 27  

Scoured walls on DR-5.  No deadlock - shower.

Mar 28  

Deadlock - paint crew.  New 100w light bulb.

Mar 29  

Scraped windows around door, 2 fine books received.

Mar 30  

T. Bone steak - last was Jan 1st.  Notified Lt. S. that Staller Publishing is going to invoice me for the negatives the prison lost.  Sheets & pillowcase.

Mar 31  

Thank you to Peter Hudson on books received Sat, 29th.  Deadlock - paint crew.  Lt. S. says the Staller negatives will get out this date.



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