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Apr 1  

No headphones, 5 months today.  Deadlock - paint crew.

Apr 2  

Received media kit (TRM (McMullen Pub) Note Mar 21.  Lt. D. asked if there was anything in my property I wanted.  Said it may now be allowed in cell house 3.  He added me to list of similar inmates.

Apr 3  

Techniques of Organic Chemistry - ordered from Library.  Deadlock - paint crew.  Fremont Co. Court scheduled small claims case for Sept 8, at 3:00 p.m. - 9 months.  Librarian came in and said he is working on last book I requested and hopes for the best.  Spurlock & Tonowski stabbed.

Apr 4  

Tour - about 20.  Note from mail room - contraband negative.  No word as to who sent it.

Apr 5  

Both steam pipes plugged near heater unit.  Steam is on, but no circulation through exchanger.  R. says steam is off for the summer.  He could not explain “hot” pipe.  Says to be patient.  Says weather warm up tomorrow.  Says he will tell Lt.

Apr 6  

Pretty slow Easter.  Colorado Justice Groves died.  Sheets & pillow.

Apr 7  

Deadlock - paint crew.

Apr 8  

Tour - about 6.  Staff explained how B-blocks all were just given “new radios and tv’s” They were not told that these devices could not be hooked up.  Deadlock - paint crew.

Apr 9  

Mail office notified, to return contraband negative or April 4 to whoever sent it (it will never get done).  Deadlock - paint crew.

Apr 10  

Deadlock - paint crew.

Apr 11  

Deadlock - paint crew.  Card from Arizona Highways in answer to my letters of Jan 22 & Feb 13.  Took them almost 3 mos to send a card with a box checked saying “subscription has been extended through Dec, 80 - which is no extension at all.

Apr 13  

Daryl H. gave me an AF coil to wire TV to his.  He received pressure to do so from B2L - who wants to attach same type wire on to mine so they can in effect have an antenna for all their TV's.  Electronically, there is not anyway it can work but that cell house 3 inmate is not to be confused with the facts.  Sheets & pillow.

Apr 14  

Fed reserve hits member banks with a 3% surcharge, note may 7.

Apr 15  

D.A. Davis says prime rate will be less than 15% by Sept 1, 80.  It’s 19.5% today - down from 20% by Chase, City & Chem.

Apr 16  

Deadlock - paint crew.  Got a can of Pepsi.  First in over 4 years since locked up.

Apr 17  

Deadlock - paint crew.  Tour group - 12.

Apr 18  

Deadlock - paint crew. Tour (again).  Distillation book from Riddle - 2 weeks. Note Apr 3.

Apr 20  

Sheets & pillowcase.  A-1-R told A-2-R they were going to hit Officer P.

Apr 21  

Deadlock - paint crew.  Officer P. on deadlock at his request.  Bought a package of paper $1.20.  “Fuel from Farms” received, ordered Mar 6.

Apr 22  

Deadlock - paint crew clean up - last day.  Officer C. suspended at $4k bond for cashing an inmate money order for $50.

Apr 23  

M., S. and Lt. S. inspecting paint job.  W. says he will try to get S. to bring over property from property office.  Cosar slashed wrist, may loose hand.

Apr 24  

Again asked W. about property (8:45), and he said he would call property officer S, but did not dash for the phone.  9:30 - said he would see him at lunch.  Swing shift - The Cosar wrist slash.  Hostage rescue runs amuck.

Apr 25  

8, 15 cent stamps sent to DeNormandie for paper.

Apr 26  

Dog cage lunatic “almost” hung himself.  Graveyard shift left TV on all night.  Would not come when called.  Dog cages said if I called anymore, they would break my window when they went to the yard.  TV on static all night.

Apr 27  

Sheets & pillowcase.  Cell house got new clothes, except me.  Tomato seed came up.

Apr 29  

B-2-L Massy/Brubaker fight.  A-2-L Deadlock.  Pres Carter announced Muskie as new Sec of State.

Apr 30  

No Colorado Supreme Court decisions this month.  Probably because of daylight savings time.  I’m confused.  Iranians took over Iranian embassy London.

May 3  

R & B put 40w light bulbs in D row cells 2-6.  1st time they have had bulbs since he was transferred CH-1.

May 4  

Sheets & pillowcase.

May 5  

Iranians blew up the Iran embassy in London.

May 7  

Fed reserve lifts 3% surcharge imposed on Apr 14th.  Mortgage rates should be 12% by end of the year, maybe 11%.

May 9  

Swallows are back in my window.

May 10  

Lt. S. said he was now doing my chronological file and if anything was needed to see him.  When I need anything.  I mentioned to him how I had told him about the headphones & TV since last Nov, and he said that was harassment, as he had done all he could.  Promised to get clothes.  Lt. S. said he would fix heat, he didn’t know it wasn’t working.  Note Jan 30, Feb 13, Apr 5, Nov 13.

May 11  

Written clothes sizes to Lt. S. also about TV, no heat, and confiscated property, per his request, May 10th.  Sheets only, no pillow case but burned my for my dirty one.

May 12  

Murphy issued pillow case lost yesterday.  Cpt. S and Lt. S. game me 4 grievance forms, and asked that I fill them out and give to the Cpt tomorrow regarding TV & property. Note May 10, 11. 1 pants, 1 shirt, new.

May 14  

Formal grievance given to Cpt at his request.

May 15  

Tour - to D-row and gas chamber.  Cold.

May 16  

Very cold, no heat.

May 17  

Very cold, no heat, 54 inside.

May 18  

Sheets, pillowcase.  B-2-R fire on swing shift.  Light bulb burned out when I got up.  Swing shift replaced.  Headphones intermittently on-off.  1st headphones since Nov 1, 79 when they remodeled my wiring in the hole area.

May 19  

Mt. St Helens blew its top, 5:08 am.

May 23  

Whiteshirt cut wrists - again.  His major problem is G. Levy.

May 24  

VISIT-parents, kids.  Mouse ran away in visiting room and had to be left.  Had the mouse since the 1st week in November.

May 25  

VISIT-parents, kids.  Caught the mouse that got away yesterday in visiting room and she is now back in custody.  Indy 500 - Johnny Rutherford.  Mt. St. Helens erupts again.

May 26  

VISIT in am denied. VISIT pm - parents, kids.  Promised Thayer an elf racing car for his good report card.  Told him 2 months.

May 27  

 Received part “d” receipt from Cpt S.’s requested grievance (note May 14). Says only that received it and it’s dated May 22.  Librarian came to check on distillation book.  29 Nations boycott Olympics, 85 competing, 27 undecided.

May 29  

Mt. St. Helen’s got away for the final time.  Officer worked on TV 40 mins with Cpt S.  No improvement, says be patient.

May 30  

Grievance of May 14 returned by M.  Both he and superintendent said no property.  M had removed everything I wrote - before sending it to the other parties that grievances go to.  He removed the copies of what I wrote also, and just sent it all back to me.  Cosar back.  Bolben moved to A-block.

May 31  

Lt. S. asked about the property grievance and said Monday, he and Cpt S. would do some more on it, at least get the pages back I wrote (that M removed) to the people who should have gotten them.  He is fully versed in this type gear.

Jun 1  

Sheets & pillowcase.  Light bulb burned out, was new May 18.  Extra tray of Jello with evening meal.  New lightbulb, 100w.  Left reflector open.  Note July 7.

Jun 2  

Cuban’s rioting at Ft. Chaffe, AR, but they have not put me on deadlock yet.  Justice Quinn sworn in this date, CO supreme court.

Jun 3  

At Lt. S.’s request, I put a note together for each dept which should have received a copy of the grievance “part A” - removed via M, and returned it to me May 30.  Then Lt. Said he would hand deliver to those depts so that it would again be in the grievance record.  Then Lt said He and Cpt. Feel the reason M does not want it back is because of damage by the prison and fear of paying for it.

Jun 4  

Lt. S. said he discussed property with M.  He hand delivered all notes June 3.  S is making good effort.  Lt. D gave me some grass seed for the red poles.  Lt. S said he will talk to Major J, Monday, re: property.

Jun 5  

Librarian says one more week on the distillation book.

Jun 7  

New tooth brush - swing shift.

Jun 8  

Sheets & pillow case

Jun 9  

Cosar (dog cages) tried to knock my bird feeder off my window sill. Chairman of the inmate classification board sent me notice that I was classified to “Max - Death Row”, “ostensibly”.

Jun 10  

Fire A-1-R, swing shift, handful of fools out in the yard in pajamas, handcuffs, and leg irons.  11:00 p.m.:3 on A-2-L cut their wrists., Radio intermittent.

Jun 11  

Headphones quit - Note May 18.

Jun 12  

Headphones fixed, intermittent station.

Jun 13  

Mt. St. Helens blew it’s top - again.

Jun 15  

Sheets & pillowcase

Jun 19  

US Supreme court struck down Alabama’s death statute 7-2.  Reason: Jury could only decide guilt or innocence and had no say in the consideration of a lesser sentence.

Jun 20  

Maintenance worked on noisy toilet, Deryl H. complained it was keeping him awake.  Lt. D. brought a late roast beef sandwich and a large envelope of Kool-Aid.

Jun 22  

Sheets & pillowcase.

Jun 25  

100 degrees.

Jun 26  

103 razor, 1 toothbrush, 1 toothpaste.

Jun 28  

100, Kool-Aid, with evening meal.



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