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Jul 1  

$15.00 money order for Thayer’s race car.  Cpt tour - said he is going to try to get drafting stuff back.  Says he will relieve M. soon.

Jul 4  

It was a dud.

Jul 6  

Denied Noon meal.  Sheets, no pillowcase.  100 degrees.

Jul 7  

Bulb burned out, lasted 37 days. Note August 24.

Jul 8  

Tour group.  Make that 2 tours.

Jul 13  

Sheets & no pillowcase.

Jul 14  

Mesa County Judge Buss reversed on taking custody of sick child and giving to the state.  South Carolina court says must be near death before you can do that.

Jul 16  

Reagan nominated in Detroit.

Jul 17  

Bush nominated in Detroit.

July 20  

Sheets & no pillowcase-three weeks.

Jul 22  

Mt. St. Helens blew 3 more times.

Jul 23  

Light bulb burned out (note July 7), swing shift replaced it.

Jul 28  

Letter to Judge Lundquist regarding subpoenas for Sept 8, 1980.  Stabbing B-1-R, Wade goes to Dog Cages.

Jul 30  

Major tour – dozens of gullibles. 

Jul 31  

102 degrees.  First official move to open the Democratic National Convention.


Aug 1  

103 degrees.  Mail room notified my account was deducted $1.40 for Lundquist not of July 28, 1980.

Aug 2  

102 degrees.  Saw first football game of the year.  San Diego vs. Green Bay.

Aug 3  

Sheets, no pillowcase.  Pilkington borrowed 4 stamps until “Thursday”.  Almost certain they will never be returned.

Aug 4  

Letter to Doraine Cervi, Fremont Clerk with 5 subpoenas.  Rib Steak – Colorado’s Birthday.  1st steak since Jan 1st.

Aug 5  

Dr. Duran, Denver, says he is coming once a week on Thursdays.  Lt. S came with him.

Aug 7  

Mt. St. Helens blew its top.  Lt. S. says the cell house now has cable TV and “they” will fix the TV and run cable for all channels.

Aug 8  

104 degrees.  VISIT – Dad, 1 hour in a.m., 55 minutes p.m.

Aug 9  

104 degrees.  VISIT – Dad, 2:05 a.m., 2:10 p.m.  Football game- Denver vs. Cincinnati

Aug 10  

Denied breakfast tray – Deadlock.  Sheets, no pillowcase-5th week no pillowcase.

Aug 12  

Dr Duran visit, on Tuesday, 4 minutes.

Aug 15  

“Limit Up” commodities game made in Old Forge, PA, invented by Nicholas Platt, Montclair, NJ.  Mt. St. Helens blew up.

Aug 17  

Sheets and pillowcase.

Aug 18  

Letter to Radio Shack about Thayer’s car.  Subpoenas returned from Doraine Cervi saying that I must serve them myself.

Aug 19  

Letter to Bill DeBecker with the 5 subpoenas, certified.  W.W. Wright said he did not think money had been appropriated to run cable TV to death row but he would “check on it”.  Rest assured that’s the end of it.

Aug 20  

Nurse came in “just to check” wanted to know why I never fill out a sick slip.  1st Hot Rod Magazine came, subscription good till Oct 1981.  Don’t know who sent it.

Aug 22  

Two boxes of shredded wheat from swing shift, Swing shift also says they think they can hook up cable.

Aug 23  

Deadlock – Salyer says he will check on it with someone and find out why it’s locked.  Nothing.

Aug 24  

New light bulb – 100w.  First since July 7th.  Swing shift ran cable.  TV fixed. Have channels 2-13.

Aug 26  

Cosar slashed wrist again.

Aug 28  

Market turned bearish today.  Asked Lt. S. about the big meeting regarding what he said July 2 when Lt. Said he had contacted Johnson three more times about the setting up the meeting, and inventory the property and to date no action has been taken on the administrations’ part.

Aug 30  

Sheets only.


Sept 1  

Issued hair clippers for 20 minutes today.  Lt. S. says he feels I should sue (Sept 8, 1980) for full amount that it was their own fault and they have brought it on themselves.

Sept 2  

One tube 1.5 oz. Toothpaste, 2 razors.  Discussed with Lt. S. re: property suit and possible testimony, (Sept 8) and obtaining prices of lost property.  The Lt stated he would have to discuss matter with R. Henderson but felt he could get prices.  Took list and said he would get back with me on it. (note Sept 5, 1980).

Sept 3  

Lt. S. reported he had discussed suit with Henderson and prices would be in Friday on all missing property and Henderson’s desire to “talk”.

Sept 5  

Told Flowers I would help him with small claims.  Elly counted broken windows on tier, says he is going to try to replace by winter.

Set 6  

Lt. S. returned with property list and prices on lost drawing stuff.  Agreed to testify Monday. (note Sept 2, 1980).

Sept 7  

Sheets and pillow case.  News says Warden Wilson is leaving, Anderson new warden.

Sept 8  

Small claims court, 3 p.m., next appearance Dec 18, 80.

Sept 9  

VISIT – Dad and Friend, 3.5 hours.

Sept 10  

VISIT – Dad and Friend, 3:35 hours.

Sept 11  

VISIT – Dad and Friend, 2:27 total.  New watch battery (33 months old)

Sept 13  

Two new razors, swing shift.

Sept 14  

Sheets, pillow case.

Sept 17  

Lt. S. gave ½ gallon of wax for the floors, 2 huge pair of shorts and 2 tent sized T-shirts.

Sept 19  

Deadlock.  A Real towel.  The first real towel for cell house 3.

Sept 20  

Small claims told Flowers he could hold for two weeks, then return.

Sept 21  

Sheets, pillow case

Sept 22  

Small claims suit sent to Grand Junction to file.  Iran & Iraq declare war.

Sept 23  

Dr. Duran visited with prison nurse.

Sept 25  

New light bulb, 60w from Lt. S, graveyard shift.  Fed reserve hiked rate 1%.  Look out wall street!

Sept 26  

2 ambulances came to prison, one this a.m., one this p.m.

Sept 27  

Lt. S. says I will be getting a blanket.

Sept 28  

New Blanket.  First time with 2 blankets.  Sheets, pillow case.


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