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Oct 1  

One tube toothpaste 1.5 oz, 2 razors from swing shift.

Oct 3  

Shakedown, Srgnt P. & J.

Oct 4  

 Flowers has had small claims material 2 weeks today, He promised to return in less than 2 weeks.

Oct 5  

Sheets, pillow case.

Oct 6  

Small claims suit put on docket today.

Oct 7  

Reporter and TV camera crew tour, Channel 6, Denver.

Oct 8  

Sheriff DeBecker invoiced $15.96 for subpoenas to Fremont Clerk.

Oct 12  

 Sheets, pillow case.

Oct 16  

Four tour groups today.

Oct 19  

Sheets, pillow case.  Barber Norman Pitcheko says he comes to cell house 3 and if I want a haircut just to call him.

Oct 21  

Dr. Doran checked my tomato plant.  Says it looks bad.

Oct 25  

Two razors, one toothpaste, one toothbrush from swing shift.

Oct 26  

Sheets, pillow case.

Oct 29  

Physical today.  High blood pressure – 90/120.

Oct 31  

Light bulb burned out.  Swing shift replaced it with 100w.  Sgt. S. checked on cassette recorder, max size 12x24x6, nicad batteries or value over $150 must have approval.


Nov 1  

Ray Gonzoles wanted a shoe catalog – there were none.

Nov 2  

Sheets, pillow case.  Info from Vantage Press, Inc. on publishing a book.

Nov 4  

Carter got creamed.

Nov 6  

Letters sent, short of envelopes.

Nov 7  

Deadlock. Rankin took my padlock yesterday morning.  Snediker put on the padlock from cell #2 yesterday afternoon.  Key is missing for #2 padlock and Snediker knew.  This morning, Rankin says “some bastard messed up” and that my cell would remain locked.  W.W. Wright agreed.  Point: cell #2 padlock is the same one opened by maintenance crew Wed, the 5th, for supplies that are stored in #2.  Craft & Elly from maintenance were standing right there yesterday and this morning, and said/did nothing.  My door remains locked and there is no key.

Nov 8  

5 years today.  Deadlock. Swing shift retrieved key from the control panel and removed #2 padlock and replaced it on cell #2, giving mine back.  Day shift should figure out how to open my door tomorrow.

Nov 9  

Sheets only.  Plastic wash pan gave up the ghost.

Nov 10  

Deadlock, they said “after awhile”.

Nov 11  

Deadlock, they said “holiday”.

Nov 12  

Case, regarding Dr. Doells, and Montgomery’s testimony.

Nov 13  

First snow.  1st real cold day.  58 on the thermostat today. No heat.  W.W. Wright said “they will have to be called”.  After 5 hours and when asked again, he said he had no time to call.  Looks like another winter without heat.  Wright says no more $5.00/month for inmates. (note Nov. 18)

Nov 14  

No heat, 54.  Wright re: heat – said he “did not have a chance to call and open a work order, would have to get on it” “Nothing can be done till Monday anyway”.  Swing shift B. and E. told D. that they could fix the heat, but D. said that the plumbers would fix it in a few days.

Nov 15  


Nov 16  

I fixed heat.  Sheets, pillow case.

Nov 18  

Lt. S. said I would be back on payroll and paid for last (missed) month.  Light bulb burned out, just replaced it Oct. 31st.

Nov 19  

New bulb. Chrysler estimated 40k/month car sales, actual 16k/month.  Glass removed from light bulb fixture, New Bulb, now anticipate 10 week bulb life.

Nov 20  

Deadlock.  Maintenance crews going in and out.  Maintenance removed 13 window pans to replace them.  Gave me cardboard.

Nov 21  

All cell row windows fixed, even mine.  Note from sheriff’s office that I did not have to pay invoice of Oct. 8, and payment of Oct. 9, would be refunded.

Nov 22  

Started new soap issue.  Has always been Ivory, now is Dial.

Nov 23  

63 degrees.  Sheets, pillow case.

Nov 24  

Italy Earthquake, worst this century, 2500 dead.

Nov 30  

Day shift denied meal tray, no sheets, no pillowcase.

Dec 1  

Sheets, pillowcase.

Dec 2  

No Hot Water.  One toothpaste, two razors.  Paid another $6.75 on Oct. invoice (note Oct 8). Total now due $3.73.  (paid $6.75 of the $10.48 due, $6.73 left).

Dec 4  

Account statement.  Either the $5.00 monthly has been deflated to 3.50 or I am still missing Octobers payroll.

Dec 5  

P.M. Yard time, some blond guy with crutches is trying to break windows, none broken yet.

Dec 6  

Rankin was talking about the big cheating on his Lieutenants exam.

Dec 7  

Sheets only.

Dec 10  

Deadlock.  Prime rate hits 20%.  Mueller says Warden Wilson wants me to go to New Max facility for 45 days.  U.S. Court gave Colorado until Jan 10 to clear problems here in Old Max.

Dec 14  

Sheets, pillow case.

Dec 16  

Mail room voucher from money order of Dec. 2, $7.15, $7.00 from Sheriff.  Payment #2 on Sept invoice.

Dec 18  

Small claims court, 1:30 p.m.  Postponed , date unkown, will advise.  3lbs of bird seed from Derrell Howe for finches.

Dec 19  

Gave half of the candy from Mueller to Derrell, for giving me the 3 lbs bird seed yesterday.  Candy box was not given, candy was just loose in a sack – 32 pieces.  I disconnected the heat regulators.  Now have continuous heat in both units.

Dec 21  

No sheets or pillow case.

Dec 23  

Deadlock.  Tour Group.  Pilkington left for Florida

Dec 24  

Notified that I would be moving to new Max-Monday, Dec. 29.

Dec 27  

Dutch stabbed a guy coming in from #5 yard.

Dec 28  

No sheets, pillow case.  One razor, one toothbrush, one toothpaste.



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