The History of Ken Botham's Incarceration


Who is Ken Botham now?  How has he conducted himself in the last 30 years of his life while he has been confined?

There are many people who knew Ken Botham before 1975.  Both good and bad things can be said about his life up to that point.  But what about after that?  What has he done since then, how has he lived?  Has he changed?  Did he need changing at all?  Does he feel that he has changed?  If so, in what ways?

I will attempt to answer these questions and any others as I receive them from my father through regular snail-mail.

This page will be an ongoing effort to communicate those ideas.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email them to me at


Ken Botham's Prison Record

  1. No disciplinary actions/infractions of any kind for 30 years, for 100% of his confined time accrued thus far.  Any record that is completely free from any write-ups is virtually unheard of.

  2. The "Psychological Assessment Summary" readsAll state mandated mental health programs have been completed.  M-I; P-I; S-I.  M-I means "no medical restrictions."  P-I means psychologically normal, no medications.  S-I means no sex convictions, accusations, deviancy, or threat to any gender in any age group.

  3. Over 50 years old.

  4. Has earned several degrees in various areas of education.

  5. Over 3,500 religious programs attended.

  6. Graduate of all three phases of the state certified "Therapeutic Community."

  7. Worked outside the fence (outside the perimeter boundaries of the facility) for over a year, with no infractions.

  8. There is a court order on file which includes a written statement from then Mesa County Sheriff Dick Williams which says in part that Ken Botham is "probably the least escape risk the DOC has ever had."


In Summary

There are less than 10 (7 or 8 individuals) in the entire Colorado Department of Corrections of over 20,000, who have a Psychological Assessment Summary (PAS) of M-I; P-I; S-I.

While individual aspects of the record may not appear to be noteworthy in themselves, when taken as a whole, the record for Ken Botham is unmatched within the State of Colorado, possibly in the nation.



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