A continuing investigation into the disappearance of a young Grand Junction woman and her two children has prompted her family to hire two private investigators to check out possible leads in the case.

Mrs. Linda Miracle and her two sons Troy, 5, and Chad, 3, disappeared without a trace from their home at 1925 Ouray sometime Aug. 22 or 23.

 Earlier this month Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Miracle, in-laws of the missing woman, offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to the return of the family.

But so far the Miracle’s have received one reply in a post office box taken out for the purpose.

And family members felt the advice, coming from a self-declared astrologer, wasn’t worth following up.

The Miracles claim they are willing to spend all their money to find the missing family, who left their home without taking any personal belongings or a vehicle.

So without many clues to go on, Miracle hired Vince Jones, a retired Federal Bureau of Investigation agent and local resident.  Jones is assisted by Mesa County Deputy Rick Claussen, according to Mrs. Miracle.

And last week Bill Wise, former Montrose County Deputy and police officer, offered his assistance free of charge.

Miracle said this week he believes local authorities have been working hard on the case, but the private investigators may be on to more.

“We’re not letting anything go by,” Miracle said.

“We’ve come across many blind alleys, but more than somebody knows where they’re at,” he added.

And Miracle is certain someone in Grand Junction knows their whereabouts and is determined to find out who.

The disappearance of the woman and her children coincided with that of a neighbor, Mrs. Patricia Botham, of 1914 Ouray.  Mrs. Botham’s five-year-old and two-year-old sons were found alone at the residence Aug. 23.

Friday night Mrs. Miracle said police had not contacted the family concerning the woman’s body found in the Gunnison river.

“It just gives you a creepy feeling every time the phone rings I jump,” she said.

“And now we will wonder until we hear something,” she added.


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