Kenneth H. Botham Jr., charged with four counts of first degree murder, has filed a pro se (through himself, without a lawyer) motion for a preliminary hearing.

Botham, appearing in Mesa County Court Thursday afternoon, told Judge Harold Moss he is still trying to obtain a lawyer.  He said he has contacted several, including two in Boulder, but that he does not yet have a lawyer.

Judge Moss told Botham earlier this week that he must make a “good faith effort” to obtain a lawyer, and he repeated that exact phrasing at the Thursday hearing.

In granting the preliminary hearing, Judge Moss said that he will not set a date for that hearing until next Monday, contingent on Botham’s obtaining a lawyer by that time.

Botham is charged in the deaths of his wife, Mrs. Pat Botham, a neighbor, Mrs. Linda Miracle, and the two Miracle sons, Troy and Chad.

The Thursday afternoon hearing was held because it marked the end of the 10-day period during which Botham could request or refuse a preliminary hearing to establish probable cause.


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