The first court hearing for Kenneth H. Botham Jr., 27, accused in the murders of four persons, was scheduled for 2 p.m. today in County Judge Harold Moss’ court.

Four first degree murder charges against Botham were being prepared shortly before noon by Dist. Atty. Terrance Farina’s office.

Botham is accused of murdering his wife, Patricia, 25, Mrs. Linda Miracle, 24, and Mrs. Miracle’s two sons, Troy, 5, and Chad, 3, on or about last Aug. 23

The bodies of the four persons were found near Bridgeport in the Gunnison River, just north of the Mesa-Delta County line in late September.

Botham was arrested shortly before noon Saturday, driving his car south on U.S. 50 about 20 miles from Grand Junction.

Sheriff L. R. Williams told reporters that Botham had been placed under surveillance by law officers Friday night.

Riding with him when he was arrested were his two sons, Thayer, 5, and Thad, 2, and a woman who was not identified by Williams.  They were released.

The district attorney and Botham’s lawyer, Warren Reams, met this morning in Farina’s office, to discuss the case and to set a time for this afternoon’s hearing.  No indication was given to the press what they had discussed.

Under a law recently enacted by the Colorado legislature, capital punishment has been restored in the state.

If convicted, Botham could be sentenced to death or to imprisonment.


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