The Colorado Supreme Court Thursday afternoon denied a petition for a writ, filed by the stateís public defender, asking for a change of venue in the Kenneth H. Botham Jr. murder trial.

The effect of this denial is that the trial is expected to go ahead in Mesa County as planned.  It is scheduled to begin Nov. 8.

Six members of the seven-member court denied the petition without dissent.  The seventh, Justice Robert Lee, did not participate.

Meanwhile, another date set by Dist. Judge William Ela as a part of the pretrial hearings will continue in effect.  That date is Aug. 27, the day by which the public defenderís office must enter all pretrial motions to be heard by the court.

Botham is charged with the murders last Aug. 23 of his wife, Patricia, and their neighbors, Mrs. Linda Miracle and her sons, Troy and Chad.


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